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Be our guests and enjoy an unforgettable vacation by the blue sea of our southern Black Sea coast. We will take care of the rest. Private rooms "KAMELIA" is one of the popular accommodation places in Ahtopol, which enriches your choice when planning your vacation in this wonderful part of our beautiful Bulgaria. Our building is located at the very beginning of the city, coming from Bourgas and about 600 meters from the central beach and the city center, where it offers peace and solitude.

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Rooms & Apartments

We are pleased to offer you ten double north-west facing sunny rooms with double beds, two studios modernly furnished with a bedroom, a small living room and a separate kitchen with all the amenities to make you feel at home during your vacation and two type of apartments - with two separate rooms with common entrance hall and bathroom or apartment with separate bedroom and living room with kitchenette and sofa bed.


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Enjoy a peaceful evening walk through the quiet old streets of Ahtopol at night or try the magical cuisine of the native Black Sea coast.

Calypso Restaurant

The restaurant is located in the new part of Ahtopol. The restaurant has a summer garden and indoor seats in an air-conditioned hall. The menu is full of seafood, fish, fresh pasta - prepared on site, Bulgarian traditional cuisine and desserts, which are prepared according to original recipes also in the kitchen of the restaurant.

Restaurant "Four Captains"

Restaurant The Four Captains is located near the port of Ahtopol. The cuisine served is Bulgarian and Mediterranean. The specialty of the restaurant is the Black Sea mussels, which are prepared daily according to special recipes. The restaurant has outdoor seating with great sea views

6. Restaurant „La Vita“

La Vita Club Restaurant is located on the Sunset Beach in the town of Ahtopol. Great destination for your romantic end to the day with dinner under the setting sun on the beach. With its clean and welcoming interior, the restaurant hosts many popular artists and is the only restaurant in the city that offers live music on weekends. The cuisine is Mediterranean.

Restaurant "Museum of the Anchor"

Also located in the new part of the small seaside town. It offers entirely Mediterranean cuisine. The interior of the restaurant is clean and casual, and in the outer part of the restaurant there is a wonderful view of the sea and the bay of Ahtopol. On the second floor of the same building you can visit the Anchor Museum itself, where you can rediscover Ahopol and the surrounding area in artifacts and old maps.

Casa Bella Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the northwestern rocky shore of Ahtopol. As the name suggests, here you can try great authentic Italian cuisine. The menu offers a wide selection of delicious pizzas prepared in the oven, pasta, salads and much more. One recommendation from us - try the homemade biscuit cake - we promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

Brewery "At the old Schweik"

The Old Schweik Brewery is located in the old part of Ahtopol, opposite the lighthouse. The delicious food, the unique view and the pleasant music contribute to the pleasant emotions you will experience with us. You come to us as guests and leave as friends!

Кафе-бар "Infinity"

Заповядайте в първият суши бар в град Ахтопол и региона ! Добре дошли сте да се потопите в света на Азиатските вкусове , придружени със страхотна обстановка и свежа музика !

Фреш Бар „Шареното”

Колкото малко, толкова и уютно! Фреш Бар "Шареното” ще добави цветният нюанс в сивото Ви ежедневие!

Плажен Бар "Делфин"

На брега на морето, с чаша коктейл в ръка. Какво повече му трябва на човек. А е само на 10 минути!

"Wake Up", Варвара

Плажът на Варвара e малък и див... Той те очаква, за да те омагьоса. Варвара се намира между Царево и Ахтопол, на около 70 км южно от Бургас.

Бар "Кораба", Синеморец

Място със своя атмосфера, по-различен от всички други барове по морето, бар "Кораба" се е настанил на северния бряг на Синеморец и без съмнение в спомените на всички, които са попадали там.

Снек-бар "Butterfly", Синеморец

Заредени с много любов към морето и малките обикновени неща, създадохме това непретенциозно място, за да погледнете на света от слънчевата му страна.Снек-бар "Butterfly" е разположен на Централния плаж "Бутамята" в с.Синеморец.Предлага голямо разнообразие от вкусни коктейли и освежаващи напитки за всички, наслаждаващи се на слънчевите бани

Agatopol Fortress

Built by Thracians, Greeks, Romans, later Bulgarians and Byzantines. It rose on a high rocky peninsula, and the fortress wall, described by many travelers, surrounded the city and separated it from the mainland. The remains of the fortress in this place are impressive and in some parts reach a height of 3-4 m. Although compared to the ground, the line of the fortress wall can be traced along the entire coastline of the peninsula.

The old town

Like other ancient Black Sea cities from the IV-VI century BC, Ahtopol was famous for its narrow cobbled streets and beautiful multi-storey rich houses, mostly stone, with rooms for fishing and agricultural equipment, wine barrels and salt fish, with small windows and an upper living floor, built of brick and lined with planks on the outside. Today there is only one such house left, which survived the last fire, which Ahtopol residents venerate as a symbol of the city.

The Greek school

At the beginning of the XX century, with money from donations of the organization "Sons of Agathopolis" - Greek emigrants from America, designed by Greek architects, by Bulgarian masters, the Greek school in the city was built. With a thickness of 0.6 m, lined at the corners of the walls, windows, portal and roof frieze with red bricks, brought with gems specially from Marseilles, it was intended for a six-grade school and for meetings. The walls of the six classrooms are wooden, which allows them to be easily dismantled and converted into a large hall, with a podium and a grandstand at the bottom. It is currently declared a cultural monument.

The church "St. Ascension of the Lord ”

It was built in 1796, located in the northeastern part of the peninsula, near the beach and the Greek school, is a low, modest building measuring 17x7 m, built of crushed stone, plastered with mortar. Digged into the ground up to 50 cm, with a four-pitched roof, typical of Strandzha houses, a wide apse, vaulted above and an interesting iconography with the inscription "Virgin of the sky with the baby", located in a round medallion.

Chapel - "St. Constantine and Helena"

The chapel "St. St. Constantine and Helena ”is located about 2 km southwest of the town of Ahtopol, on the northern slope of a hill from Strandzha mountain. It is located in a century-old oak forest near the old and most direct road to the village of Brodilovo. This chapel is one of the few preserved and restored from the once revered in the city area about 40 holy places. After being neglected for many years, it was restored to its present form in 1972, thanks to the great merit of Ahtopolets Pnayot Demirev.

Archaeological Museum in Ahtopol

The Archaeological Museum in Ahtopol preserves valuable finds from the centuries-old history of the city: - stone anchors of various shapes and sizes - lead sticks - ceramics from about 3500 BC. - coins - bronze cannons and weapons from the XVIII century - fragments from Carthage (North African coast) of red lacquered tableware - silver treasure of jewelry with gilding from the XVII century, - richly inlaid phials with plant and animal ornaments - beautiful earrings, exquisitely decorated with figures of an eagle - oriental / late medieval / pottery from the XV-XVII century and the greatest discovery - a small stone ax from the Neolithic (late stone age, around 5000 BC), and many other archaeological objects.

What People Say About Us...


Ahtopol is the place that can satisfy the desires of every tourist for recreation by the sea with its numerous, beautiful and diverse beaches. There are noisy ones, there are also sheltered places of paradise, which nature has given us, so that we and those after us can enjoy them.

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Central beach

The central beach of Ahtopol is located about 600 meters north of the Private Rooms "CAMELIA". The beach is 2 km long. The sand is golden and fine, the sea water in the bay on the beach is calm and crystal clear.

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5 km. from the town of Ahtopol, just before the village of Sinemorets is the most unique beach on our southern Black Sea coast. The beach at the mouth of the Veleka River is located in a wide open bay, and its sandy strip is a kind of "divider" between the sea and Veleka.

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About a kilometer from Lipite beach is Listi beach. The beach is small and secluded. It is accessible only on foot. In ancient Greek it means "robber, robber, pirate". Here was probably one of the many pirate hangouts on the west coast of the ancient Pontus.

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11 km. south of the town of Ahtopol, between the villages of Sinemorets and Rezovo is the turnoff for the last beach before the border with Turkey. About 1 km. a dirt road winding through the forest leads to a large parking lot from where there is an incredible view of perhaps the most beautiful bay on our Black Sea coast.

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Butamyata beach, also called the southern beach of the village of Sinemorets, is guarded and the most visited - its wide sandy strip is surrounded by forest. Attractive entertainment, eateries and other beach options are available.

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At the southern end of Butamyata begins a path that leads to Lipite beach. It is sparsely visited, surrounded by dense forest. And it is a pleasant place for those who prefer solitude in nature.

Arrive as guests, leave as friends!